Private Lessons and Group Lessons

Have you Tried!!!!!!

Private Lesson Availability:
Sunday with Toni Lee: 10.00
Monday with Billy: 18.30
Saturday with Phil: 10.30
Saturday with Phil: 11.30
Saturday with Phil: 12.00
Saturday with Phil: 12.30

Adult Water Confidence:
Thursday with Andrea: 14.00

Adult Beginners:
Monday with Billy: 15.00
Tuesday with Andrea: 10.00
Tuesday with Billy: 14.00
Tuesday with Chloe: 21.00

Adult Improvers:
Monday with Michelle: 15.00
Tuesday with Toni Lee: 19.10
Tuesday with Chloe: 20.00
Thursday with Andrea: 12.00
Friday with Toni Lee: 19.30

Adult Advanced:
Thursday with Sophie: 18.30

All our Days and Times are Subject to Availability.
If a Teacher is, Sick or on Annual Leave, We try our best to allocate you a teacher on a continuity basis.