Exciting additions to our swimming times

We are proud to announce that we have some additions to our swimming programme.

We have 50m pool availability between 06.00 – 08.00 Monday, Wednesday and Friday and 07.00 – 09.00 on Saturdays for our members. In addition we are offering lanes in the 25m split for members on Tuesday between 06.00 and 08.00 and on a Thursday we will be open for members and non members in all pools from 06.00 – 08.00.

In addition between now and the 27th July we have recreational swimming available in the 25m Training Pool on a Monday and Friday between 09.30 and 11.00 great for anyone less confident or for those wanting to bring their little dippers in for a daytime swim.

Please check out our timetable pages for for info.

See you soon.