Thanks to our partnership with Swansea Council we are able to bring you an excellent aquanatal class with a highly trained instructor.


This class takes place every Wednesday between 9:30-10:15am with Michael.
You can pre-book your space by calling us on 01792 513513.

Also, If you register your details with us, your first session is FREE!

To take part in this class you must be over 20 weeks pregnant, cleared to exercise by your midwife and have completed a health questionnaire form (which can be picked up at reception). If you do have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact call us on 01792 513513.

There are numerous benefits to doing aquanatal exercise when pregnant including:

Buoyancy – Water can provide support and stability for a pregnant woman. Moving in water can strengthen the supporting muscles around the pelvis both above and below and all muscle movement in water is concentric so post-exercise soreness doesn’t occur in the same way as it would on dry land.
Tummy muscles – Frontal resistance of the wall of water can help to strengthen tummy muscles. The natural resistance of the water can also support the pelvis and strengthen the adductor and quadricep muscles.
Pelvic Floor – Aquanatal classes include movements to promote muscular strength and endurance of the pelvic floor which will help to keep the integrity of the muscles as well as maintain continence.
Wellbeing and stress relief. The aquatic environment can bring temporary but immense relief from stress and pain. Evidence suggests moving through water can release four times the endorphins than other exercises.
Appropriate movements. Aqua natal only includes those exercises that are appropriate during pregnancy, led by a highly trained instructor.


We would also like to thank the ABMU Health board, Swansea University and Swansea Sports Development for their support on this project.