Fun and Skills

Aqua Club – Junior Fitness

For kids who’ve completed the Learn to Swim programme, but want to stay in aquatics and maintain or improve their fitness, this is a great course.

All strokes are covered in this course with a focus on increasing distances and improving stamina while maintaining stroke technique. This is a great start for developing lifelong aquatic fitness!


Tuesdays 19:00 till 20:00

Aqua Club – Aqua Allsorts

Our youth club in the pool! For kids who’ve been through the learn to swim programme, are bored of lane training but want to stay in aquatics, this is a great course.

Activities throughout the course vary and include from lifesaving/water safety tuition, mini water polo, fun race night with a little bit of stroke and technique training thrown in some weeks to keep up skills and stamina already acquired through the main lesson programme.

It’s cool in our pool!

Activities include:


  • Preparation for exercise.
  • Bodyweight exercises.
  • Nutrition for exercise performance.


  • Skills & strokes covered in later Aqua School stages.
  • Swimming for health and fitness.
  • Individual/Team racing.
  • Obstacle course combining skills.
  • Use of swimming aids (fins etc). NB Does not currently include snorkelling


  • HELP & Huddle Positions
  • Throwing Rescue
  • Reach from Side with Aid Rescue
  • Item carry/retrieval, with partner.
  • Obstacle course combining skills.


  • Synchronised timing & performance of skills (submerging, floating, push & glides etc) in small groups.

Water Polo/Basketball

  • Skill practice – Throwing, Catching etc.Modified Water Polo/Basketball


Thursdays 19:00 till 20:00

Aqua Club – Stroke/Technique

Our stroke technique class for those beyond Stage 7 is a great chance to develop further quality stroke technique, stamina and fitness. All delivered in a fun & friendly atmosphere, without the challenge of early starts and rigorous training routines.


Fridays 18:10 till 19:00