Adult Fitness Session

Our Adult Fitness session is an aquatic fitness class for customers whom are looking for tuition and encouragement to improve their technique and stamina, but whom do not wish to join a lesson course.

There are two levels of Adult Fitness class, Beginners Adult Fitness and Intermediate/Advanced.

In both levels you will receive tuition aimed at developing your swimming ability, stamina and fitness, focusing on stroke & technique.

Our beginners sessions aim to build-up fitness and strokes, using a range of techniques, drills and workouts. The class is run over a 25m distance. They are ideal for anyone whom has had improvers lessons/improvers level, whom can swim a minimum of 25m front crawl, but whom do not feel confident swimming in the 50m pool.

Our intermediate sessions aim to build on existing fitness and ability, reviewing technique further and identifying training plans to achieve personal goals or specific training needs and are delivered in the 50m pool.

In each session you will receive:-

  • An Instructor led session
  • Coaching points on stroke technique & skills
  • A Great workout
  • an alternative to a masters swimming club
  • the opportunity to meet others and identify training partners

Beginners Sessions:-

Fridays 19.20-20.20 takes place in the 23m Split at a depth of 1.25m

Intermediate/Advanced Sessions:-

Saturday 11:30-13:0 takes place in the 50m pool with a fixed depth of 2m

When you visit us please remember to bring a water bottle for sensible re-hydration and inform the instructor of any changes to you health or new injuries or conditions that may affect your participation or safety.