Update: Booking process for week commencing Monday 16th November 2020

Dear Customers,

It’s been good to see so many of you back and enjoying your swims this week!

We have again reviewed the booking process. We are still, sadly, without an online option but are working hard towards getting this in place as soon as we can.

Taking on board feedback from customers and staff, Saturday seems the best day to open the booking process for the following week – we appreciate that it will not suit everyone. The phone lines will be open from 08.45 until 15.30 on Saturday to take bookings from Monday 16th November – Sunday 22nd November. The swim times are available on the website:-


We have limited the call queue to 30 people – this will mean you will get answered more quickly however it may well mean that you need to call back until you get through. If you prefer you can email your request through although emails will only be dealt with once the call queue has quietened down.

We understand that demand is high and spaces are limited and we are limited in our ability to answer calls due to strict social distancing measures. There are a few things that you can do to help make the process easier for both you as customers and for us.

  1. If you have flexibility on days and times of swims then can you hold off from calling as soon as the lines open?
  2. Check the website so you know what day and time you want to book and if you can be flexible have a couple of options.
  3. If you have any queries other than booking a swim slot, please call later in the day or email us at wnp@swansea.ac.uk and we will respond once the call queue has quietened down.
  4. If you cannot attend a session then cancel in accordance with the cancellation policy in our T&C’s https://www.walesnationalpoolswansea.co.uk/booking-information-and-admission-policy/ .

We do understand that this process is frustrating – believe us we don’t much like it either! We do however believe that this is the fairest way of managing the process for now. Please bear with us and if you are struggling to get through please keep trying, but please do NOT:-       

  • Come to the site thinking you will be able to book in person – you will not.
    • Be abusive to the person to whom you eventually speak. The reception team are doing an amazing job in difficult circumstances and it is not their fault.
    • Expect an immediate response to an email request for a slot – emails will be dealt with once the phone lines have quietened down.

As previously members can book up to 7 days in advance and non-members can book 24 hours in advance (payment must be made at the time of booking).

To ensure fairness the maximum number of slots bookable per week (7 days) is 3 per member.

You can still book as you leave a session you have just attended.

Only one session per day is permitted.

Phone lines will be open w/c 9th November

Mon – Thu          07:15 – 21:30

Fri                         07:15 – 20:00

Sat                        08:45 – 15:30 * booking slots released at 08.45 for following week

Sun                       09:30 – 20:00

There will be times when we are safely checking-in customers which means we may be unable to answer the phone immediately. Please bear with us and we’ll get to you as quickly as we can. If you do call around the start time of a session you should expect to wait a little longer.

As always, we are very grateful for your support and your patience.

Take care

Jeremy Cole

General Manager