Winter Water Safety

Did you know that during the winter season more people who walk or run alongside water fall in and in some cases drown? Slippery paths, darkness and ice on the ground can make walking by the water more dangerous than any other month of the year. 

What Happens When you Fall in?

The cold temperature of the water makes it difficult for you to catch your breath or use your hands to swim and climb out. Sometimes, it can even cause your to have a heart attack.

How to Stay Safe?

The RLSS’s Winter Water Safety campaign recommends 5 key things to make sure you stay safe this winter.

1) Keep back from the edge – When walking alongside water keep back from the edge
2) Only use well lit areas – Time your walks to make the most of the daylight; if you need to walk in the evening only use well-lit areas or take a route away from water.
3) Keep dogs on their leads – Keep dogs on their leads when near ice and don’t throw sticks or toys onto ice.
4) Teach children not to go on to the ice – Teach children not to go onto the ice under any circumstances.
5) Don’t go on the ice to rescue a dog – Don’t go onto ice or into to water to rescue a dog, move to somewhere that the dog will be able to climb out and call them towards you.

For more helpful tips and advice on a variety of different situations, take a look at their website – 

We want all our customers and members to stay safe around water this winter. If you can plan your route away from the water then do but if you can’t, please stay safe and remember some of the advice above.

Swim Safe, Swim Indoors.

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